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Casio to Launch New Digital Signage Business

Helping Store Owners to Attract New Customers and Increase Repeat Visits

TOKYO, January 8, 2013 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd., today announced plans to revolutionize storefront advertising by launching a new digital signage business. Driving this exciting new business is Casio Signage, a newly developed, powerful tool for helping store owners gain an edge over their competition by attracting more new and repeat customers.

Storefront advertising needs to catch the attention of customers and then be interesting and relevant enough to invite them in. The Casio Signage Business takes a revolutionary new approach leveraging optimum storefront advertising tools and cloud services to attract new customers and increase repeat visits.

Casio Signage is a cutting-edge storefront advertising tool with the power to captivate passers-by with a realistic-looking character that talks to them from the screen. The screen itself is actually shaped like the character, which can be freely selected to match the characteristics needed to bring people into a given store. The character’s appearance and voice can be changed easily to keep repeat customers from losing interest. Casio Signage is also very compact and requires no installation work, making it easy to place almost anywhere in the store. It also offers multilingual support for visitors who speak various languages, and its light source lasts approximately 20,000 hours.

Together with innovative cloud services such as the issuance of digital coupons, stores with Casio Signage will enjoy an edge over the competition.

Main Features of Casio Signage

Realistic images help captivate passers-by and attract customers

The screen itself is shaped like the character or person, and it talks to potential visitors to the store to get their attention and invite them in.


Content to keep repeat customers from losing interest

Retail users simply provide Casio with a still image and text, and Casio then animates the image and adds the voice. No video production is required for stores. This process makes it easy to edit the animation to keep repeat customers from losing interest.



Compact size that can go almost anywhere in a store

Small 458 mm × 536 mm footprint. No installation work is required.


Multilingual support for diverse visitors

Available languages include English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and more. Customers themselves can select the language they want to hear.


Cloud services to realize unique retail promotion plans

Casio can provide cloud services like digital coupons for customers with a smartphone.


Long-lasting light source

The originally developed Laser-LED Hybrid Light Source by Casio delivers approximately 20,000 hours of life.


Examples of applications of Casio Signage

Fast  food restaurant
Fast food restaurant

Grocery store
Grocery store


Apparel shop
Apparel shop

Ice cream shop
Ice cream shop

Casio Signage Main Specifications

Projection Content / Screen Shape
Customized by Casio based on user-provided material (still images and text data)
Light Source
Laser-LED Hybrid Light Source
Estimated Life of Light Source
20,000 hours
Projection System
DLP® system
Display Element
XGA 0.7-inch DLP® chip 786,432 pixels (1,024×768)
Color Reproduction
Full color (16.77 million colors)
Power Source
AC100~240V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (W×H×D)
458 mm (approx.) × 187 mm (approx.) × 536 mm (approx.)
(maximum height including screen is 565 mm
19 kg or less
Other major
Wireless remote controller

DLP is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments.

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