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Casio America Obtains Energy Star Certification for Facilities

Casio America facilities


Casio America facilities

In June 2011, Casio America, Inc., obtained the Energy Star Building Label for its facilities.

The International Energy Star Program is an energy saving standard established by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and the US Environmental Protection Agency. With the aim of reducing CO2 emissions, the program evaluates the energy saving effects of electrical appliances that claim to be highly energy efficient. Furthermore, in the United States, certification has also been created for commercial buildings and plants.

Casio America participates in a demand response program for the reduction of peak electrical consumption. It has promoted and implemented energy-saving measures such as installing motion-sensor switches for the lighting in its offices and warehouses, as well as installing energy-saving equipment in warehouses. In fiscal 2012, the company obtained Energy Star certification in the category of Unrefrigerated Warehouses, under the Energy Star program that evaluates the energy efficiency of buildings.

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