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Casio Releases Free iPhone App for Easily Composing and Enjoying Electronic Dance Music

Automatically Creates a Complete Tune Based on a One- to Four-Measure Melodic Phrase

December 10, 2015

Microphone input screen
Mic input screen
Keyboard input screen
Keyboard input screen


TOKYO, December 10, 2015 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today that it has released its CHORDANA TRACKFORMER iPhone app free of charge on the App Store. The app can automatically compose a complete electronic dance music (EDM) and hip hop music*1 based on a short melodic phrase*2 created by the user.

*1 The tune length varies from about 65 to 110 measures depending on the automatic composition settings.

*2 About 3.8 seconds long if a two-measure phrase at the default tempo of 128 beats per minute has been entered.

Casio released the TRACKFORMER XW-PD1 and XW-DJ1 models of digital dance music gear in the spring of this year. The TRACKFORMER series of portable units are packed with all of the functions needed to create and perform dance music, and they have proven popular with dance music creators and performers. Casio released the Chordana Composer iPhone paid app*3 in January 2015. The app lets users create various genres of tunes with ease, and it has also become popular.

*3 Please check the price at the App Store.

CHORDANA TRACKFORMER is a free app that lets users easily create dance music typified by EDM, which has grown to become a major cultural movement worldwide. The app can record a short melody that the user hums or whistles into the built-in microphone, and then automatically compose a tune based on the melody in five different dance music styles. Even people who have no experience composing music can create a tune with ease and then quickly post it on YouTube. CHORDANA TRACKFORMER also comes with a variety of functions to satisfy users who already know how to compose music and are skilled with musical instruments.

Even beginners can create their own dance music

CHORDANA TRACKFORMER automatically composes a dance music based on a one- to four-measure melody that the user enters by using DoReMi buttons or by whistling or humming a melody into the built-in microphone. The user can select from five different styles—four types of EDM and hip hop.

Loads of functions enable musicians to apply their skills

The user also has the option of entering a melody of one to four measures by playing the keyboard on the screen and arranging the notes in a music score. When preparing the app to automatically compose the tune, the user can modify various settings, such as choosing the position where the entered melody will be used in the tune, changing the number of measures of the main melody, and determining whether sub-melodies will be composed.

Various ways to have fun with composed tunes

The app not only lets the users enjoy the composed tune on their iPhone, but also allows them to play it back on the TRACKFORMER XW-PD1 and XW-DJ1 models of digital dance music gear. Users can send the tunes they create over e-mail, or create a photo slideshow using the composed tune to post on YouTube.

App Category
App Name
Release Date
App Store Price
December 10, 2015

With the release of this CHORDANA TRACKFORMER free iPhone app to accompany its popular TRACKFORMER series of digital dance music gear now on sale, Casio is offering exciting new ways to enjoy dance music.

Casio official app portal site  
Casio official TRACKFORMER digital dance music gear site  

Main Specifications

Microphone input: Whistling, humming in female voice, humming in male voice Keyboard input: 17 keys selectable from C0 to B7 (default C4 to E5) Notation input: Note button, input/delete/select buttons, and others DoReMi input: Do, re, mi (note name) buttons and rest button
When using microphone input or keyboard input
Melody Location
in the Tune
A (1st theme), B (2nd theme), C (3rd theme)
Default: 2 Measures
Selection: 1 Measure, 2 Measures, 4 Measures
Allows entered notes to be edited in the score
EDM 1, EDM 2, EDM 3, EDM BASS, Hip hop
Default: 127
Selection: 60 to 280
Default: C
Selection: F, F#/G♭, G, G#/A♭, A, A#/B♭, B, C, C#/D♭, D, D#/E♭, E
4/4 meter
Melody 1
Location A (1st theme) on/off, Location B (2nd theme) on/off,
Location C (3rd theme) on/off, variation on/off, fugue style on/off
Melody 2
Location A (1st theme) on/off, Location B (2nd theme) on/off,
Location C (3rd theme) on/off, variation on/off, fugue style on/off
Making Method
Fluid: Compose different main-melodies each time from same parts
Fixed: Compose same main-melody each time from same parts
Change of main-melody in measure unit, movement of main-melody, tension of main-melody
Play/Stop, AB repeat, select timbre of each part, part on/off, save, load
Melodies in the finished piece of music can be edited in the score
Hints functions: Notes are color coded as five types according to their relation to the tune
Upload a music video*4 (including slideshow of still images or score)
Share method: Email or AirDrop
File format : AAC (including main-melody, sub-melody and accompaniment)
Share method: Email
File format: SMF (including main-melody, sub-melody and accompaniment)
Compatibility with
Digital Dance
Music Gear
Composed tunes on the app can be played back on the XW-PD1 by connecting its LINE-IN jack to headphone jack of the iPhone with an appropriate commercially available cable.
Compatibility with
Digital Dance
Music Gear
Audio files of composed tunes can be played back using a compatible DJ apps*5 or software
Compatibility with
MIDI products
<MIDI File>
Composed tunes can be played back on instruments, apps, or software that use standard SMF files
(including main-melody, sub-melody and accompaniment)
Composed tunes can be played back on instruments equipped with a MIDI IN terminal, and apps or software connected via a MIDI IN interface
(including main-melody and chord progression)
System requirements
iOS 8.0 or later
Compatible devices
iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPod touch (Generation5 or later)

*4 User needs a Google Account.

*5 To access composed tunes with an iOS DJ app, the tunes must first be imported to a Mac or Windows version of iTunes, which then must be synced with an iOS device with the DJ app installed.

*6 Using the iOS-compatible MIDI interface (commercial product) or Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (Apple) with USB cable (commercial product) or Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit with USB cable (commercial product).

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